Self-Produced Album also Features Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello & Attractions), Sheldon Gomberg   (Rickie Lee Jones, Beck)

LOS ANGELES - Peter Himmelman, of whom USA Today called, "one of rock's most wildly imaginative performers." has completed work on his forthcoming album Imperfect World . The album will hit the streets on March 29 on Majestic Recordings (MRI), distributed by Navarre.

The self-produced album, recorded at Himmelman's Chelsea Studios just outside of Los Angeles, features such guests as drummer Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello & the Attractions), bassist Sheldon Gomberg (Rickie Lee Jones, Beck, Ryan Adams), Jeff Young (Jackson Browne, Donald Fagan, Sting) on Hammond B3. and Willie Aron (Victoria Williams, Balancing Act) on backing vocals. The record's hard-edged electric guitar work -- which was played entirely by Himmelman, will come as surprise only to those who think of him as an acoustic player.

The material for Imperfect World was written in a short spurt not long after he completed touring for his 2004 release, Unstoppable Forces . Himmelman recalls it happening around the 9 th of Av, a Jewish day of fasting in late summer. "All this affliction made for a propitious few days of writing. The truly pious are encouraged to refrain from working but when I make music, I never think of it as work".

The album features the title track, "Imperfect World," in which Himmelman writes about changing perceptions in the wake of a recent car accident that killed his younger sister.   "The song's based on a simple narrative. A guy takes a walk in the woods reflecting on the miraculous order of the universe; very much like a prayer. Suddenly there's this ache - an acute sense of loss that turns the prayer into an anguished complaint".

Himmelman will spend spring and summer of 2005 on the road with either his American band or a band from Israel called The Flying Baby that has backed him when he plays there. He's still deciding.

Until then, Himmelman is busy with his incredible day job - Emmy nominated composer for the hit CBS hit "Judging Amy," now in its sixth season. "It was an extremely nice train to have jumped onto just as the record industry was sliding into the toilet." he laughs.

Peter has released ten solo albums and three award winning children's albums, which have brought him tremendous critical acclaim. His writing on his debut Epic release, From Strength to Strength , prompted Time Magazine to dub him one of "The New Troubadours," describing Peter as "writing songs with the same emphatic edge and aesthetic urgency that impelled the Lost Generation to write novels

The media has always respected Himmelman's craft. Paste magazine cited his "rapier wit and a unique gift for composing sincere songs of absolutes, marital love and the 'beyond reckoning' blessings of children."   Salon cited " Himmelman writes songs with an assured easiness, the music fitting snugly around his graceful but often biting words." No Depression added, " Himmelman strips his music to its essence, tapping into a primal inspiration, investing melodies that have the sing-song simplicity of Buddy Holly or the Beatles with the yearning of a spiritual quest."

There can only be more of where those came from in an Imperfect World.

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