I'm not 100% sure about tomorrow.


I love my friends.

I only act angry...don't tell.

I have the greatest dog in the world. We never speak harshly to him. (We never hit him)

Jeff Victor rarely calls.

Every gig's important mates. (Graham Nash told us that when we were young) I think about it everyday.

What do you like better, extreme heat or extreme cold?

Probability says there is order here.

Beneath the damage and the dust.

I don't really know you at all do I?

The screeches and the stains are also the manifestation of structure.

Making chaos is never painless.

Making order out of chaos is one way to live.

There's so much brainwashing going on.

Something's coming.

I like being by myself if I know you're nearby.

I'm anxious to see you...I know I will. Someday.

I've felt like I was on track a few times...I suffered from insomnia though.

I sweep out the old laurels.

I'm satisfied for eleven minutes at the most.

We want to be judged favorably don't we?

I sometimes serve myself first...but not often.

medium is good for a short while.

I'm afraid to fall but the fear never really stops me.

I am teetering on the edge of what is possible.

I like canned peas a great deal.

Do you need anything? Please ask.

Are there second chances? Thirds? More?

I have had a Jack Dempsey fish for six years and now he sleeps on his side all day long. I am unwilling to perform euthanasia.

Is oatmeal less a miracle than the internet?

I believe there is sense in here somewhere.

I want you to be happy.

There is a lovely smell of jasmine where I'm sitting.